Office Flooring Installation

Commercial Vinyl

A leading supplier and installer of vinyl from industry-leading brands, we fit the ultimate in practical contract flooring to a wide range of businesses across the UK.

Vinyl has always been an essential choice in warehousing and many industrial environments, appearing occasionally in retail or healthcare as well but only recently becoming a popular choice in offices. The products that have since developed offer incredibly diverse options in colours, styles and textures that can perfectly mimic natural materials, but still offer the easy clean durability of typical contract vinyl flooring.

General purpose commercial vinyl flooring
Practical, tough vinyl flooring in a range of designs and styles ranging from plain to contemporary graphics and even wood effects, our general commercial vinyl flooring is high performance handling heavy traffic and offering easy maintenance for the busiest commercial environments.

Acoustic vinyl flooring solutions
Control the sound around your building with a range of acoustic vinyl conforming to European Standards for impact sound reduction. A huge range of colours, all over graphic designs and realistic wood effects make these tough, practical and functional floors ideal for any contract floor application.

(ESD) Electro static dissipating or conductive vinyl flooring systems
In some commercial environments electrostatic discharge control is essential to protect electrical equipment or just control static build up. Ideal in warehousing, comms rooms, hospitals and laboratory testing facilities. Our ESD vinyl flooring meets the most demanding requirements.

Safety vinyl flooring
Safety vinyl is designed to meet a range of anti-slip demands. Incorporating aggregates and grains like quartz into the vinyl creates a strong grip which is coloured to match branding or mimic natural stones and wood shades.

Whatever your commercial vinyl flooring needs get all the latest products and an exceptional standard of installation from Carters Contract Flooring; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.