Office Flooring Installation

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum has provided practical, floor coverings in environments such as commercial kitchens for decades and modern design and development has brought it into many more commercial environments.

Laid as sheet or tile modern linoleum looks good enough to use in offices, restaurants, healthcare and education and offers some incredible features like acoustic reduction, electrical resistance, shock absorbance and intricate design detail for the most creative ideas.

Contract linoleum sheet and tile
Carters Contract Flooring offer a huge choice in lino tile and sheet; subtle or bright colours, plain or patterned, with all kinds of textures incorporated, the choice is endless whether creating minimal elegance or practical simplicity.

Acoustic noise reduction
Linoleum can be manufactured with a special insulating layer attached to the product, offering impact sound reduction of up to 17db.

High electrical resistance
Designed specifically for office environments such as computer and server rooms, electrical resistance reduces static electricity build up protecting equipment and people.

Decorative commercial linoleum flooring
Using water cutting technology linoleum can be cut into intricate patterns or company logos and bright splashes of colour can be introduced through patterned floors in a wide range of styles.

Whatever your contract flooring installation needs for all kinds of commercial linoleum floor coverings speak to Carters Contract Flooring; contact us today to arrange a survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.