Office Flooring Installation


The best service we can offer is about more than just quality products and workmanship. It also has to be about finding ways to minimise disruption to our client’s core business activities.

Furniture Lifting

To replace commercial flooring within a live environment historically meant downtime to the client. This resulted in reduced productivity and increases in business cost. Decanting, or in some instances complete removal of furniture, decommissioning of IT and data equipment and the subsequent staff downtime made replacement of flooring a costly and time-consuming exercise.

With our market leading Elevate system we utilise the latest furniture lifting equipment to ensure minimal disruption to our clients. By lifting in-situ furniture, with IT and data systems still in place, just high enough to uplift existing material and install new, we can offer high speed replacement of existing installations with no impact on the core business activities of our clients. Working outside normal business hours our experienced teams allow your business to operate normally while benefiting from a revitalised space.

Elevate has transformed the working environment for a huge number of our clients but don’t take our word for it – see a recent example carried out for SEGA Europe: