Almost every business activity has an impact on the environment and as a market leading UK flooring contractor we believe it is essential for us to work in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

We adopt, through our audited Environmental Management System, sound and tangible practices in an effort to constantly reduce our impact on the environment.

Whilst contract flooring is often seen as a market full of man made products and chemicals, many of the leading manufacturers invest heavily in developing new products and materials that minimise waste or utilise recycled and natural materials in their construction. In carrying out our work we have developed an Environmental Management System that ensures we follow similar principles; purchasing responsibly, finding ways to balance our carbon footprint and reducing waste out on site and back in the office. This is independently audited annually with clear targets outlined. 

For a full copy of our Environmental Policy Statement please visit the Downloads section of our website.

Whatever your contract flooring installation needs, get the complete service delivered by a company that takes their environmental responsibility seriously.